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Congratulations to our two graduating PhD students: Alex Crits-Cristoph and Alex Jaffe!


Welcoming two new PhD candidates Jack Kim and Langlang Li!




Professor Banfield received the 2020 H. C. Urey Award for her work in geobiology!


July 2018


Professor Banfield was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society! Read her profile on The Royal Society here


June 2017


Karthik Anantharaman has accepted an offer from the Department of Bacteriology at University of Wisconsin-Madison!


April 2017

Olm et al. made it to the cover of Genome Research! See the cover photo here, and read the article here


March 2017


Jill was interviewed by Cláudio Nunes-Alves in the q&a section of Nature Microbiology published March 28! Check it out here


January 2017


David Burstein has been offered a faculty position! Details TBA.


November 2016


Jill agreed to lead the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) microbiology initiative!

Read about it here


November 2016


The Hug et al. paper 'A new view of the tree of life' is featured in Discover Magazine's November issue as one of the top breakthroughs of 2016! It also made the list of the top 100 papers in terms of Altmetric score of 2016 at #79.

See the feature here

See the Altmetric score here


October 2016

Thousands of microbial genomes shed light on interconnected biogeochemical processes in an aquifer system

Read about it here


September 2016


Dr. Alex Probst featured in an interview about Space X's humans-to-Mars plans. Showing the breadth of his knowledge with a couple memorable quotes.

Article here


April 2016


An article in the New York Times highlights Hug et al. paper 'A new view of the tree of life'!

Read about it here


August 2015


At Tiny Scales, a Giant Burst on Tree of Life.



June 2015


Newfound groups of bacteria are mixing up the tree of life.



May 2015


Jill is featured in a profile by The Joint Genome Institute.



April 2015


Longer DNA Fragments Reveal Rare Species Diversity - Banfield Lab research is highlighted in a Joint Genome Institute.

News Release


March 2015


Congratulations to incoming graduate student Alex Thomas, and rotation students Bailey Bonet and Alex Hernsdorf on receiving 2105 NSF Fellowships!

2015 Awardees List


February 2015


Laura Hug, current postdoc, receives a position as Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo


February 2015


Banfield graduate student Karen Andrade's work with the Berkeley Science Shop is highlighted by the Blum Center.

Article Here


January 2015


Alexander Probst, postdoc in the Banfield Lab, receives the Award for Oustanding Scientific Achievements during PhD Thesis from University of Regensburg, Germany for his recent PhD dissertation.


January 2015


Karthik Anantharaman, postdoc in the Banfield Lab, receives the John Dorr Graduate Academic Achievement Award at University of Michigan for his recent PhD dissertation.


September 2014


The Banfield Lab receives another CSP award from the Joint Genome Institute, to characterize tree-root microbial interactions.

News Release Here


January 2014


Microbenet blog post from Banfield Lab grad student Bubba Brooks, on gut colonization of premature infants.

Link Here


January 2014


The newly-established Critical Zone Observatory in northern California's Eel River watershed includes researchers from the Banfield Lab.

Press Release here


November 2013


"Genomes from Metagenomics", a perspective in Science from Banfield Lab members

Full article here


August 30, 2013


Banfield Lab work in subsurface metagenomics is highlighted by JGI.


September 27, 2012


Deep sequencing of uncultivated groundwater microbes elucidates community function in a bioremediation site.

Read the press release here


May 2, 2011


Professor Banfield's work is described as she is awarded the 2011 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth and Environmental Science for discovering the underlying principles of mineral formation and alteration by microbes.


March 18, 2011


Professor Banfield talks about her research at the awarding of the Women in Science Award.

Watch the video here


November 9, 2010


Professor Jill Banfield recently received two prestigious awards for her groundbreaking work on how microbes alter rocks and interact with the natural world.